Some links may be obsolete or not working.

2011-11-15 - DAV

Still alive and no editing news yet. Still busy with non-editing related projects.

2009-04-09 - DAV

No editing news yet. I am busy with non-editing related projects again...
Meanwhile, my email address changed to:

2008-01-28 - DAV

Back to editing now and DAVSub: Source is going to be moved to the OrangeBox engine.
No dates to give but I am still working on it (after 3 years!).

2006-11-06 - DAV

Added a contacts page...
No news about DAVSub: Source yet. I have been busy with non-editting related projects and I don't know when I will be able to get back to work on DAVSub: Source.

2006-01-03 - DAV

Updated the story of DAVSub: Source in the Half-Life 2 Levels page...

2005-09-24 - DAV

Just added 2 screenshots and 2 panoramic views from DAVSub: Source to the Half-Life 2 page... Enjoy!

2005-07-05 - DAV

A new interview has been posted at MapCore/PixelMods. You can read it here.
Meanwhile, I am still working on DAVSub: Source...

2005-02-11 - DAV

Still working on DAVSub: Source but there is still much work to do... DAVSub: Source will be a bit more then a simple port. Some areas will be converted, some will be enhanced while others will disappear completely.
DAVSub: Source is being made for HL2 and that means that it will have the HL2 world as a base (HL2 enemies, vehicles, etc)...

2005-01-04 - DAV

Azure Stand will be the sequel of Azure Sheep and Point of View.
It will be a Single Player Only Mod for Half-Life 2 and you will be able to play as Xonxt (Alien Slave), Kate and Barney.
The timeline will be during the 7 hours war (Combine invasion).
No release date is set yet and, with the exception of the story, we didn't start working on it yet.
Meanwhile I am working on porting DAVSub to HL2...

2004-05-02 - DAV

No, I am not dead... Just waiting for Half-Life 2...

2003-12-18 - DAV

With the latests changes/updates on Steam, you can play the Half-Life levels on Steam.

2003-09-18 - DAV

The changes on the engine affected more then the Half-Life levels and other SP mods, it affect HL Single Player also.
Valve will be fixing the bugs and problems in Steam/Half-Life version and hopefully soon or later it will be possible to run the Half-Life levels on Half-Life version
Meanwhile, if you want to play the Half-Life levels, play them on the version you had before installing Steam.

2003-09-16 - DAV

The recently released Half-Life version that comes with Steam haves allot of changes to the Half-Life engine that are not allowing some mods to run properly anymore.
If you want to be able to play the Half-Life levels keep the version you have of Half-Life when installing/updating to Steam and play the Half-Life levels on the version you had before Steam (I did that and works).
If you already installed Steam and removed the old version, then install Half-Life in a new directory, update it to version and install and play the Half-Life levels using that install.
No patch is planned to move any of the Half-Life levels to Half-Life version It is simply not possible to do a move every time that Valve releases a new version of Half-Life that breaks the compatibility between the new version and the older versions.

2003-05-13 - DAV

One more interview, about Point of View, with me was posted on OzCounterStrike. Read it here.

2003-05-12 - DAV

A new interview, about Point of View, with me and Toadman was posted recently.
You may read it on BlueWolf72, Xtreme Gaming Radio or (same interview, diferent sites).

2003-05-02 - DAV

Point of View is going to be released today! Be sure to check the Point of View site for download links!

2003-01-29 - DAV

A update!? Not really, just to say (again) that work on Point of View is still going...

2002-11-11 - DAV

Still working on Point of View...
Meanwhile, if you didn't notice yet, the Azure Sheep address and the Point of View address are working again.

2002-10-05 - DAV

Half-Life Italia, our host for Azure Sheep and Point of View changed address...
That was not a big problem but by doing that they breaked the address that we had for Azure Sheep and Point of View!
And so, while the situation is not fixed, one way or another, please use this links instead of the ones you know: Azure Sheep (, Point of View (

2002-09-11 - DAV

Still working on Point of View...
Meanwhile, a new interview was released at Millennium Team. It was done some mouths ago but only now it was posted. You can read it here.

2002-08-02 - DAV

Still working on Point of View. The site was updated again, this time with more info about the MOD including the weapons that player will have and some of the used npcs.

2002-06-02 - DAV

Just updated the Point of View site with new screenshots. Don't forget to check them out!

2002-04-25 - DAV

Half-Life version version was released recently. If you have any problems running the Half-Life levels with that version don't forget to email me.

2002-03-14 - DAV

Crosshair of the The Test Chamber send me a email informing me that the site as been relaunched and that he made reviews for DAVHLPAK1, DAVTrain and DAVSub (Half-Life levels). You can read them here, here and here (all review are in German).
And I am still working on Point of View...

2002-02-12 - DAV

Still working on Point of View.
Meanwhile I made a new interview for Kennith. Read it here.

2001-12-10 - DAV

Azure Sheep received the Gold award for the best Half-Life SinglePlayer Mod of 2001 in the Planete Mods 2001 Awards! You can check the full list of awards Half-Life SinglePlayer Mod of 2001 in the Planete Mods 2001 Awards.

2001-12-10 - DAV

Still working on Point of View.
Meanwhile, Portugal Arena posted a interview of me and Toadman about Azure Sheep. Read it here.

2001-11-14 - DAV

Half-Life Italia as released a new interview with me. Read it here.
Also updated the links on the Reviews/Interviews/Etc page.

2001-11-09 - DAV

Just finish to redesign the Point of View site. Check it out!

2001-10-22 - DAV

Added in the Half-Life levels page a patch for DAVSub to run on Half-Life version
Also changed the download links to the new FilePlanet version (the previous version stopped to work).

2001-10-13 - DAV

Here is the some info about the next mod I will work on.
It is called Point of View and you play in it as a Half-Life Alien Slave!
Check the temporary version of the Point of View site for some early screenshots.

2001-10-04 - DAV

Now that Azure Sheep is released I started working in another MOD with Toadman again. No details to reveal yet but I can say that it will give you a different point of view of the Black Mesa complex...

2001-09-03 - DAV

Azure Sheep is out! Don't forget to check the Azure Sheep site for the download link(s)!

2001-09-02 - DAV

Azure Sheep is going to be release tomorrow!
Don't forget to check the Azure Sheep site for the download link(s).

2001-08-28 - DAV

The wait is coming to a end and the Azure Sheep release date is even closer.
Meanwhile I added 4 new Azure Sheep screenshots to the Azure Sheep Mod page for you to have a look.
And Toadman now as a personal webpage. You may find custom models for Half-Life in there and more will be added with time. Check it here.

2001-08-11 - DAV

Still working on Azure Sheep. Now close to release.
Meanwhile Half-Life Italia posted another review for DAVSub.

2001-06-10 - DAV

Forbid-Eden also changed the site design. Check it out...

2001-06-07 - DAV

The Azure Sheep site as a new design! Don't forget to see it.

2001-06-05 - DAV

The Games Machines, a Italian magazine, has made a preview of Azure Sheep for its June release.
If you are from Italy don't forget to see it...

2001-05-28 - DAV

Added a page for screenshots of Azure Sheep. You will find there 4 new screenshots and also the previous ones...

2001-05-27 - DAV

Azure Sheep moved! Don't forget to update your bookmarks to the new location:

2001-05-26 - DAV

EspaceMod made a small review of DAVSub.

2001-05-11 - DAV

New site design! I think it is better looking than the other...

2001-05-05 - DAV

EspaceMod made a short preview of Azure Sheep saying what they think about the first private alpha. Don't forget to check it.

2001-03-17 - DAV

It's been a while that I didn't make any update to the site. So, here are some nice pictures from the mod I am working on: Azure Sheep.

2000-12-30 - DAV

Another review of DAVSub is out at Ten Four.
I am still working in the Azure Sheep mod. Don't forget to go to the Azure Sheep site to know the latest news about the mod.

2000-12-18 - DAV

A new DAVSub review as been released at Z-Axis. Just go there if you want to read it.

2000-11-08 - DAV

We need a Half-Life coder! If you are or know a Half-Life coder, with some experience, that wants to join the Azure Sheep mod don't hesitate and email me. The coder will have to make code for new models and weapons, to put two different models of the player in the same mod and other things. Interested? Then email me!

2000-11-03 - DAV

I joined another mod called Azure Sheep. In this mod you will play as Barney and when the chaos in Black Mesa starts you decide to save your colleague Kate (code name Azure Sheep). For more info check the Azure Sheep site.

2000-10-27 - DAV

Just a quick update to tell you that a walkthrough for DAVSub is available at Hangar 16 for those who need it.

2000-10-20 - DAV

Another review of Ship is out at Ten Four. I also join the Resident Evil Mod. If you want to know what is about just go to the Resident Evil Mod site.

2000-10-12 - DAV

The first review of Ship is out. Just go to Z-Axis to read it.

2000-10-10 - DAV

And now... a new Quake 2 SP map! Yes it's true, it's Ship, a map where you will have to recover 3 DataCDs from the Strogg in a ship.

2000-10-02 - DAV

A new review of the old version of DAVHLPAK1 is posted at The Lambda Map Complex.

2000-09-29 - DAV

For those who are having problems downloading DAVSub from FilePlanet I discovered today that FileLeech has some of the levels I made for download also. If you want, try downloading DAVSub from there.

2000-09-27 - DAV

Hangar 16 has a new interview with me, if you want to check it out just click here.
I also changed the Reviews page and now it is a Reviews/Interviews/Etc page.

2000-09-20 - DAV

Good news, UK PC Gamer is going to release DAVTrain and DAVSub in the November edition CD (on sale 17th October).

2000-09-15 - DAV

A new review of DAVTrain is up at Z-Axis.

2000-09-14 - DAV

The first review of DAVSub is out. Go to Hangar 16 if you want to read it.
I received the PlanetQuake answer about the corrupt zip file and they told me to upload the file again, so, I did that and hopefully the problem is solved.

2000-09-13 - DAV

Oldngrey send me a email telling me that he made a review of DAVHLPAK1 and DAVTrain. The review of DAVHLPAK1 it's from the old version. If you want to check the reviews go to Hangar 16.
I also added a Reviews/Interviews/Etc page with the list of all sites that made review for my maps. As always, if someone knows any site, besides this ones, that made a review of any of my maps please email me so I can update the page and read the review). I changed also the hover effect on the link buttons and corrected the Links page.
I did receive some emails about the DAVSub download problem. I contacted PlanetQuake and I am waiting for a reply. The error is estrange because, for example, it doesn't happen to me when I extract the files from the zip after I download it and I know that there are others that can download the file. Anyway if you want the map, and if your email account can old a +-15Mb email, drop me a email and I will send it to you. I will try to fix the problem as soon I have a reply from PlanetQuake.

2000-09-12 - DAV

For those who like to read a review before downloading the map, here is a list of sites that made reviews of my maps:



If anybody knows any site besides this ones that made a review of any of my maps please email me so I can read it too.

2000-09-11 - DAV

New pak added, DAVSub. It's for Half-Life and it's the continuation of DAVTrain (but you don't need to play DAVTrain to play DAVSub).
And for those who use ICQ, here is my number: 89271312.

2000-08-13 - DAV

A new map! It's Rounded Arena for Quake2, a DM only map.

2000-07-22 - DAV

A new version of Lee's Quake II Mod is out. The new version, 1.01, includes a option that allows you to choose the skill of the bots.

2000-07-17 - DAV

I am back from vacations but no new maps yet...

2000-06-29 - DAV

No new map yet just a brief news update to tell you that I am going on vacations for the next 3 weeks, starting tomorrow, so don't expect new maps during that time...
I am currently working in a new set of SP maps for Half-Life and some new SP maps for Quake 2.

2000-06-01 - DAV

New map added. This time it is a set of maps for Half-Life called DAVTrain. Check it out.

2000-05-28 - DAV

Lee send me a email telling me about the new release of Lee's Quake II Mod. Don't forget to download it.

2000-05-15 - DAV

Updated the Half-Life levels. Now they can be played using the Custom game option of Half-Life and the transition problem between the maps is solved.

2000-04-27 - DAV

No new map, yet, just another quick update to tell you that the new version of Lee's Quake II Mod v0.80 now includes more Bot Route Files to my maps/levels.

2000-04-08 - DAV

New Quake 2 level added CTF Towers. A Capture the Flag level based in the Quake 2 SP map Strogg Towers.

2000-03-18 - DAV

Just a quick update to tell you that Bot Route Files for some of my levels now can be found in Lee's Quake II Mod. Check the links page for more info about the mod (or the author site, of course).

2000-03-11 - DAV

It wasn't Wednesday but it is today! New Quake 2 level added Teleportation System Complex.

2000-03-04 - DAV

New level coming up (maybe next Wednesday). It will be a continuation of the Quake 2 level Strogg Towers.

2000-02-11 - DAV

Some problems when downloading from FilePlanet. Please try again later if you get a error when downloading.

2000-02-08 - DAV

No new map yet but do you have a idea for a map to Quake2/Half-Life? A blueprint of some installation/building/complex that you would like to see in a Quake2/Half-Life map? Then send it to me and if the idea makes a good Quake2/Half-Life map I will try to make the map.

2000-02-04 - DAV

Updated the Quake 2 level Island. In this version the red key that the Technician drops as been removed (it wasn't needed).

2000-02-02 - DAV

File not found! Don't worry if you get this message when trying to download a map from FilePlanet. I am trying to fix the problem with PlanetQuake and the problem will be solved as soon as possible. Please try again later.

2000-02-01 - DAV

New Quake 2 level added Strogg Towers. Download it and discover the new Strogg Teleportation System...

2000-01-31 - DAV

Welcome to DAVLevels!
In here you may find levels/maps for Doom 2, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life, Quake and Quake 2. They are all made by me and I hope you enjoy playing them.

2000-01-14 - DAV

Yes that's right DAVLevels has moved to PlanetQuake.
You may find the old news in the News archive page.

2000-01-07 - DAV

For those who came to DAVLevels before the change is obvious, new design! It's completely different from the previous version and I think that the site looks a lot better this way. Anyway, no new level...yet...

1999-12-28 - DAV

It took some time but here it is: hlattack added (the continuation to hlarches for Half-Life). I also made a new version of hlarches that you should download to make the levels to connect in a better way.
I'm planning also to change the design of the site (my design teacher didn't considered this design to be the most correct).

1999-11-28 - DAV

New Half-Life level added. It's my first Half-Life level.

1999-11-13 - DAV

New Quake 2 level added. This level gave me a lot of work also and it took 300 hours or more (I lost count) during almost one year to make. Hope you enjoy it.

1999-10-30 - DAV

New Quake 2 level added. This level gave me a lot of work (it took 110 to 120 hours, during 2 mouths, to make) and its pretty simple for the player to end. Check it out!

1999-10-26 - DAV

Banner problem fixed (I hope). Fortune City now as a 10MB file size limit instead of the 1MB so I changed the two Quake 2 level that used RAR to ZIP.

1999-10-25 - DAV

3 Banners! That's great and they also give script errors ! This happens because the Banner Bot that fortunecity uses its not working properly. I send a Help email to fortunecity to try to fix the problem.

1999-10-19 - DAV

Fixed problems when accessing to this site using Netscape Navigator.

1999-10-18 - DAV

Some changes to the site and one more Quake 2 level added.

1999-09-30 - DAV

New Quake 2 level added. It's the first deathmatch only level that I ever made.

1999-09-07 - DAV

It took some time but... new Quake 2 level added.

1999-08-30 - DAV

No new levels yet, just some site improvements to the visual appearance in resolutions lower than 1024x768.

1999-07-20 - DAV

New Quake 2 level added.

1999-07-16 - DAV

Finally I was able to access the site to update!
New Quake 2 level added.

1999-06-26 - DAV

Minor corrections to the Quake levels page and the How to Run the levels page.

1999-06-21 - DAV

Changed Quake 2 level Warehouse compressed files to RAR.

1999-06-15 - DAV

Fixed problem that made Netscape Navigator to crash when accessing to this site.

1999-06-14 - DAV

Added the How to section.
Heretic level More8 updated (it wasn't the last version).

1999-06-13 - DAV

Minor site improvements.
Added more info in the description of the level. Now, if the level is prepared for it, you will find the following codes in the level entry:

  • SP - Single Player.
  • CP - Cooperative play.
  • DM - Deathmatch play.
  • DS - It has difficulty settings.

1999-06-09 - DAV

New Quake 2 level added and minor site improvements.

1999-06-08 - DAV

New Heretic level added.

1999-06-07 - DAV

E-Mail problem fixed. Use the following e-mail to send your comments, critic or something else:

1999-06-06 - DAV

Finished the site. Hope you enjoy the levels.
Don't forget to send your comments, critic or something else to
PS: don't use this e-mail yet (it's not working)