DAVHLPAK1: davhlpk1.zip
Size: 2061Kb
Date: 1999-11-28 and 1999-12-28

My first Half-Life levels. Your mission is to blow up the power generators located in the underground of the complex.
To accomplish that you first need to gain access to the only entrance available to the underground of the complex located on the top floors of the complex. You will need do pick up some access cards and discover how to pass some doors to accomplish the objective.
In this levels Scientists are neutral and Barneys are ENEMIES!

Note: hlarches and hlattack are part of this levels.

DAVSub: davsub.zip
Size: 10652Kb
Date: 2000-09-10

This is the continuation of DAVTrain. After getting in the Osprey you think that you are safe and going home but you don't realize that you are being follow by a Apache. Eventually it damages your Osprey and you crash finding yourself on the run again...

Note: if you are using Steam, you also need to download and install the davsubpatch1.zip patch.

DAVTrain: davtrain.zip
Size: 2744Kb
Date: 2000-05-30

This maps tries to bring a different ending for the Half-Life game when you reject the offer of the G-Man.
After you decline the G-Man offer he arrests you and puts you in a train to be transported to a base where your memory will be erased and converted to a cooperative member. In the middle of the way you will be transferred to a Osprey to conclude the transfer to that base. It is here that the maps that place.
When you arrived something happens and you hear some aliens and some battle going on. You realize that the aliens invaded this facility too. You manage to escape taking a brief distraction moment of your guard and you have to get to the Osprey so you can escape...